Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inner Artist Guardian

Life Book 2014 classes are underway and I've just completed my first lesson! The lesson was taught by Tamara Laporte and included a warm up page, a meditation, and the creation of our Inner Artist Guardian.

The warm up lesson...paint dripping, splattering, collage, stenciling, and doodling!
I used the quote, "And the day came when the
risk to remain in a tight bud was more painful than the risk it took to
blossom." Anais Nin
Beginning sketch...with many, many attempts at the eyes! 
Next, a little color to the face...I love her already!
Adding collage papers at random places on the page...I used an old book and
old hymnal for the papers.
More color...Neocolor II (my favorites!) I learned
about them in LB 2013.

The completed journal page.
Part of the lesson involved choosing a word for the year. I really thought about this, as several words came to mind. I kept coming back to the word, "peace." I often struggle with worry and anxiety and realize this is something I'd like to overcome. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Welcome to my mixed media journey! While I've been playing around with mixed media techniques a little over a year now, I thought it would be an exciting adventure to journal my experiences throughout 2014. The purpose of this blog is to share what I learn with you...techniques, products/tools and of course mixed media ART!

I'll also be sharing some of the journal pages that I create while participating in Tamara Laporte's amazing art class, Life Book 2014. It's an excellent class that I took last year and had a blast! If you are interested head on over to Tam's page and sign up!

I encourage you to share your experiences, favorite products/tools, and artwork.  Please feel free to leave your blog in the comments below!