Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mixed Media Journal Pages

This past year I participated in the Life Book 2014 class with Tamara Laporte. It was my second year to take the class and as always, I really enjoyed it. I'm very behind on lessons, so I'll probably be downloading them and working on them into next year! The middle two photos below were inspired by a class from Flora Bowley. I have two larger sheets that I've started as well...I just haven't had time to work on them lately! (I've been creating bath and body treats for the holidays!)

The flower pages were just exploration and play! I'm looking forward to more of this over the holiday break from school.

Practice with lots of layers....there were quiet a few different
looks prior to the final page!
Flower on watercolor paper, acrylics

Practice using found objects for making prints: cut potatoes, ruler edges,
plastic card edges, dandelion and other out door objects.
Watercolor paper and acrylics

More practice with making prints with found objects. 

Practice with layering and texture. Even though it's tough to see
in this photo, there's quite a bit of texture on this page. Collage pieces,
gesso texturizing with plastic card....lots of color exploration too! 

Hopefully, in the next day or so, I will be able to share my DIY ink tile coasters project. I started it last year as a gift for my parents, but never completed it.

In the meantime....HAPPY CREATING!!!

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